Creating PEST Quizzes is easy peasy!

simply open up notepad and start typing . . .

'Chapter One - Mark your chapters with a single quote
Which line holds the question?
*The first line after the chapter mark
*The first line after each blank line
Every other line starting with the fifth
The last line of every other page

How are correct answers marked?
*Correct answers start with an asterisk
Correct answers are typed in all-caps
PEST uses A.I. to guess which answer is probably the right one
Philosophically, can we ever really be certain of anything?

How many multiple choice answers can I have for each question?
*from two to eight

'Chapter Two - Chapters can allow users to selectively focus
You can add help comments that pop-up with submitted answers.
?Help comments can clarify why an answer is correct.

'Chapter Three - Blanks, Flash Cards, Drag-and-Drop
What is the address of the home page of vellosoft?
?The [BL] tag can be used for fill-in-the-blank questions

What do I do if the answer is too wordy for fill in the blank?
Make a virtual flash card, answer to yourself, check the card

Place this sentence in the most logical order.
Using the [DD] tag,
quiz makers can create
drag and drop questions
which test for sequences.
?Of course, the phrases will be randomly scrambled at quiz time.