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 WANTED: Beta Testers!

After having posed the question - what's next? - the next new addition to the Vellosoft family is now in the design stage.

Introducing . . . Simplice!

 Tips & Tricks

A nifty little trick for SuperKeys - switch back and forth between two different screen resolutions with just two key presses.

A Nifty Trick for SuperKeys

 Sidney Strikes Again!

Sidney Innerebner of Indigo Water Group has just submitted yet another quiz for aspiring engineers in the water and wastewater field.

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 What's Next for Vellosoft?

Like to know what's on the drawing board? It's time to find out what the plans are for the next great little utility the world can't live without.

What's Next?

Archived News

Spam the Spammers . . .

Two Down, Thousands to Go . . .

May 19, 2004.

The spammer might hide behind fake email addresses, but if they're going to try to make money off you, they're going to have to give you a link to their web page.

So far, in our battle to answer spam with bogus orders and fictitious loan applications, we're now batting two for two in posting a particularly obnoxious offender's page and subsequently seeing that page go down. Let's post a link to disgusting spammer number three:

Flooding the spammer with fake orders is easy with a little help from SuperKeys! Try this method for creating a fake loan application that you can submit repeatedly with just a couple keystrokes:

Click the link to the spammer's page above and then open up SuperKeys and add a new shortcut. Now click on key capture for your entry style and then go back to the webbrowser and begin typing in your fake loan application. Notice that as you work in the browser, SuperKeys is recording your every keystroke!

Make sure you enter the whole application with nothing more than your keyboard so SuperKeys can record it all. Use the TAB key to jump from input box to input box and use the down arrow to make a choice from the drop down list boxes. When you've filled in all the fields, make one last TAB to highlight the SUBMIT button and press enter to give the spammer a little junk of his own to have to sift through.


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