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 WANTED: Beta Testers!

After having posed the question - what's next? - the next new addition to the Vellosoft family is now in the design stage.

Introducing . . . Simplice!

 Tips & Tricks

A nifty little trick for SuperKeys - switch back and forth between two different screen resolutions with just two key presses.

A Nifty Trick for SuperKeys

 Sidney Strikes Again!

Sidney Innerebner of Indigo Water Group has just submitted yet another quiz for aspiring engineers in the water and wastewater field.

User Submitted Quizzes

 What's Next for Vellosoft?

Like to know what's on the drawing board? It's time to find out what the plans are for the next great little utility the world can't live without.

What's Next?

Archived News

Software Updates . . .

Final Version 2.1 Released.

June 16, 2004.

If you bill customers on a regular basis, there's no quicker way to get the job done than with ZINvoice. Still billing by hand? Our first and foremost goal has always been to help people make the switch as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Using a massive accounting program for the simple purpose of billing customers? The intuitive insight of ZIN is to keep it simple.

A free 14-day trial is available at Download the trial version of ZINvoice, give it a test spin, and see how easy life can be with your ZINvoice doing the invoices.

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