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After having posed the question - what's next? - the next new addition to the Vellosoft family is now in the design stage.

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A nifty little trick for SuperKeys - switch back and forth between two different screen resolutions with just two key presses.

A Nifty Trick for SuperKeys

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Sidney Innerebner of Indigo Water Group has just submitted yet another quiz for aspiring engineers in the water and wastewater field.

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Like to know what's on the drawing board? It's time to find out what the plans are for the next great little utility the world can't live without.

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SuperKeys is not Spyware!!!


SuperKeys Controversy Resolved


September 9, 2005.

After SuperKeys was being incorrectly flagged as spyware by a couple poor-quality anti-spyware programs, for the first time in the history of Vellosoft, we had one of our beloved programs pulled from

We knew we were innocent, we knew the anti-spyware programs were wrong, and we had faith that it could all be resolved with a proper explanation. We knew our love for was not misplaced when they heard our case, validated what we were saying, and vindicated us by relisting our beloved little program.

Here's an explanation of the controversy from the SuperKeys Help file . . .


There is no spyware included with SuperKeys. Zip. Zilch. Nada. None. Trust me, I hate spyware as much as you do.

Unfortunately, it seems the harmless ActiveX control SuperKeys uses to scan the keyboard has been taken and is also being used by some evil little people who write their evil little keyloggers, in a program called Second Sight that attempts to record and send your data out over the Internet. Because of this, some anti-spyware utilities out there are now registering false positives for SuperKeys being the Second Sight keylogger. The files in question are: KbdMonitor.exp, KbdMonitor.lib, KbdMonitor.ocx and KTKbdHk3.dll. These files are nothing more than a tool to scan your keyboard, and like any tool, they can be used for both good and bad. In our case, we use them to help SuperKeys Supercharge your Keyboard!

If you are scanning your system for spyware, make sure you look closely at the files you are about to remove. If you remove any of those four files, SuperKeys will stop working properly. Don't worry, however, the fix is very simple, just re-install the software and realize that if your anti-spyware software is registering a false positive on these files, you must uncheck these files so they're not removed. I'd also appreciate it very much if you would let the maker of your anti-spyware program understand that they are doing a great disservice by targeting an innocent tool and not the malicious part of Second Sight's code that actually tries to send out your information over the Internet.

I can understand your concern, so if you're still not sure as to whether you should take my word for it or whether you should believe your anti-spyware program, there's a very simple test you can try. The purpose of a keylogger is to record and send your information out over the Internet. You can verify that SuperKeys is not a keylogger by watching your Internet connection and / or monitoring your connection through a firewall program. You'll notice that SuperKeys never tries to access the Internet.


Download SuperKeys 5.3 Today! It's totally free of spyware and it's totally free of charge (although a simple $10 donation is always appreciated.)

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