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After having posed the question - what's next? - the next new addition to the Vellosoft family is now in the design stage.

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A nifty little trick for SuperKeys - switch back and forth between two different screen resolutions with just two key presses.

A Nifty Trick for SuperKeys

 Sidney Strikes Again!

Sidney Innerebner of Indigo Water Group has just submitted yet another quiz for aspiring engineers in the water and wastewater field.

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 What's Next for Vellosoft?

Like to know what's on the drawing board? It's time to find out what the plans are for the next great little utility the world can't live without.

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Tips & Tricks . . .

December 5 , 2007.

When it's time to take a little break, usually, I'll walk away from the computer and give it a rest, but sometimes I like to unwind with a video game, and as long as I'm playing a video game, I figure I might as well make it a little interesting by laying some money on the line. I'm not here to promote any vices, but it is a strange and wonderous age we live in when you can gamble money on your skills playing video games.

In playing these games, however, I found myself constantly having to shift my screen resolution down to 800 x 600 to get these small screen games to fill my monitor. It ended up in a lot of repetitive clicking to keep shifting my screen resolutions back and forth. With a little help from SuperKeys, however, I was able to reduce all that clicking to a simple two keypresses!

First, I set my F10 key to open up the Display Properties applet from the Control Panel. (Most of the applets in the control panel can be found in the same spot in the Windows folder with a .cpl extension.)

Trigger Key: {F10}
Replacement Text: C:\WINDOWS\system32\desk.cpl

Once the Display Properties applet is open, I make my second keypress, an F11 to select the 800 x 600 resolution. This is accomplished with a Shift Tab to jump back one in the tab order to access the five pages up top, and then four right arrows takes us to the last of the five pages, the Settings page where the Screen Resolution is located. One more tab gets us to the slider where you can left arrow as many times as you like to set the desired resolution. Enter sets it.

Trigger Key: {F11}
Replacement Text: +{TAB}{WAIT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}

(Entered as a single line.)

To set it back to the original resolution, I hit a F10, F12 combo. Note that it's the same sequence as our {F11} Shortcut except that this time I'm moving the slider to the right.

Trigger Key: {F12}
Replacement Text: +{TAB}{WAIT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}

Now when I want to go down to 800 x 600, I simply press {F10} and {F11}. When I want to go back up to my normal resolution, it's {F10} and {F12}. Ah yes, once again, SuperKeys comes to the rescue to make life just a little bit easier!

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