Keep it Seriously Simple.


Simplice, the world most simple to use personal information manager, will be the only program you'll ever need to keep track of all the data that matters in your life. Your contacts, favorite websites and login info, insurance inventories, credit card and payment details, grandma's favorite recipies, you name it - if you've been looking for a one application solution to store all your important data, now you can store it all in one lightweight, user-friendly database.

As the name implies, the ultimate goal of Simplice is to keep it simple. and take the learning curve associated with most database programs and remove that learning curve altogether! Forget the instruction manuals and the sets of training CDs associated with most database programs, with Simplice, you'll be up and running from the word, "GO".

While most software companies have production teams that rival any Hollywood movie crew, I'm just one man with a love for the form and functionality of a well-designed program. So instead of adding 10,000 features you'll never want or need, rest assured that the number one objective in making Simplice will be to create a program that will make sense the very first time you open it!

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