The Best of the PEST

Hall of Fame User Submitted Quizzes

Countries and Capitals of Europe – Who says Americans are self-obsessed and horrible at geography? One person here at Vellosoft actually scored as high as 31% their first time through this quiz! Big thanks go out to Mr. Katz for bringing us possibly the best use of maps in any of the User Submitted Quizzes to date. There is no better way to learn where the European countries are located and there’s no better way to learn your European capitals.

Element 2 – Technician Class – Dave Beatty’s first in a series of three quizzes based on the three different levels of amateur radio licensing – these are the actual questions from the exam! The whole trio of quizzes deserves inclusion in the Best of the PEST Hall of Fame if for no other reason than the fact that we have received MANY hits to our User Submitted Page when this quiz came up on different search engines! Three well put together quizzes, and when your quiz can bring us the hits from the search engines, consider yourself a shoe-in for automatic inclusion.

English Vocabulary Expansion – What an massive undertaking this quiz was! A great selection of words to expand your vocabulary, this quiz weighs in at 606 questions and has one of the most thorough uses of help comments that we’ve ever seen – once you submit your answer, the help comment pops up with the word’s pronunciation, a list of definitions AND examples of the word used in literature!!! Great quiz – you rock, Mrs. Cushman!

Essential Science in Ballpark Numbers – The smallest of the quizzes included here in the Hall, this one makes it on the simple brilliance of the concept – through all the different sciences, there are some classic numbers and measurements that are good to have ready in your mental databank. Go through this quiz enough times and those numbers will be yours, factoids like the height of Mt. Everest, the distance of the Earth to the Moon, or the amount of time it takes for light to make the trip from the Sun to the Earth, these are those geeky little numbers that we’ve been having a blast memorizing.

15 Great Women in History – Some of us (men) here at Vellosoft would have been in awfully big trouble if this one didn’t make the list! Ah, seriously though, we learned a lot taking this quiz and it’s a great example of how some of the best quizzes can serve to both teach and inspire at the same time. Big thanks go out to the National Women’s History Project for making this one available.

Florida Real Estate Principal and Law – The most massive submission in the database, this quiz tackles the subject and beats it into submission. This quiz is proof positive that no matter how much time you invest in putting your PEST quizzes together, the time invested is time well spent and will pay off in the long run. The person who submitted wished to remain anonymous, but they did let us know that they went in and nailed that exam on the first try. Way to go.

Intro to Psych – Great material makes a great foundation for an interesting quiz, but this quiz goes beyond that in two more technical areas as well. First, there is an art to writing the plausible sounding false answer and the author succeeds in doing this in a very big way. Second, this is the first quiz submission to have made use of the targeted help comment – every single response to this quiz will generate a help comment specific to that answer, be it a correct answer or an incorrect answer. This is a top notch quiz, check it out.

MSAT_I – We’ll call him Barry N., and both of his MSAT quizzes are well rounded and excellent tools for teachers wishing to pass these exams. The use of images, the use of a timer set to two-hours (just like the real exam) and the wide range of subjects all help to give both of these quizzes their Hall of Fame credentials.

NCLEX-RN – This quiz was put together by Tatiana Mikhailovna and we couldn’t be more grateful. At the time of this writing, of all the user submitted quizzes, this quiz is bringing us more visitors than any other quiz in the database! Woo hoo! Okay, enough of our obsession with search engine entries and page hits, as far as the actual quiz itself is concerned, it is a truly top notch submission! A quiz such as this provides ample evidence that the sky is the limit for those who truly know how to prepare.

100 Greatest Books and Their Authors – As the notes to this quiz say, “This quiz is culled from a list of the 100 best works of fiction as determined from a vote by 100 noted writers from 54 countries as released by the Norwegian Book Clubs.” Although there may have been much controversy in literary circles about the list itself, there is no doubt here that Dr. E.’s quiz belongs in this list of the greatest ever. The quiz is massive, the chapters cover the books and authors from many unique angles, and the subject matter is impeccable!

Quizzical Geographic – The first of six in the series, the whole series is worth checking out and well deserving of inclusion in the Hall. Each quiz in the series is chock full of Geographic knowledge and the writing of the questions, the angles from which the questions come from are very creative indeed and they help keep these quizzes interesting.

Rev Lee Old Testament Quiz – This quiz, along with Reverend Lee’s New Testament Quiz combine to cover the entire Bible in a fun, challenging and entertaining way.

So You Think You’re Good at Trivia – Pure, good, hardcore trivia. That’s what Alicyn Shaynes has been submitting to us since the very first installment of this series over a year ago. The series now spans five volumes and her quizzes are essential quiz-taking for anyone who considers themselves a trivia buff.

20th Century Headlines – Probably the first quiz submission to make extensive use of the drag-and-drop question type, this one’s an awesome challenge as you get a headline from each of the first five decades of the 20th Century and it’s your job to arrange them in chronological order. Probably one of the hardest quizzes in the database, but tough as this one may be, the challenge of arranging history in it’s proper order will make you want to come back again and again! Excellent submission, way to go, Mr. Horn.

Wastewater Cert – Wow, and I thought some of those computer certification quizzes were hard! For the layman, just give this quiz a shot and I think you’ll be amazed at both the quality of the quiz and the images as well as the depth of knowledge required for this particular certification. For the professionals in the water treatment and wastewater management fields, this quiz has proven over time to be one of the most consistently popular of all the PEST quizzes. Excellent work, you truly are a Wastewater Goddess, Sidney!

World History – A mysterious, anonymous contribution attached to an email with an invalid return-path. We’ll probably never be able to thank the person who submitted it, but any quiz with 388 questions spanning the great majority of recorded history deserves its place in the Best of the PEST Hall of Fame.