MiniMinder Alarms

Alarms can give you reminder pop-ups at predetermined times throughout the day. This is accomplished by simply adding a time any where inside your event title. You can use either 24-hour format or add an “am” or a “pm” to the end.

Enter your event title as: 6:30 Rise and Shine or as 6:30am Rise and Shine and you will get a 6:30am reminder pop-up on the date set for your reminder.

Enter your event as: My Favorite TV Show 17:55 or My Favorite TV Show 5:55pm and you’ll get a pop-up reminder at 5:55pm.

You can watch the countdown minute by minute from the Reminders Window or you can send MiniMinder to the tray to wait for your popup.

From the Alarms page at the Customizer, you can set the Timer Frequency to once-per-second, which will sync your popups at the same second the system clock changes to the new minute, or you can leave MiniMinder’s Timer Frequency at the default, which checks once-per-minute, using less system resources.

Handy Tip: A quick way to begin adding an alarm scheduled for the current day is to double-click the listing in your Reminders Window.