Hide Until Next Occurrence

As we saw in Quicker Editing & Deleting, right-clicking directly on your events can give you quick access to editing or deleting that specific event.

By popular demand I added another right-click option called “Hide Until Next Occurrence.” An example where this could come in handy would be if you sent a birthday card a week ahead of time or you just made your monthly credit card payment, at which point there’s no need to see that reminder again until that event comes again. Thus, the “Hide Until Next Occurrence” feature was born.

IMPORTANT: The Hide setting is reset when MiniMinder loads with the event outside its Advance Notice, so you must boot into MiniMinder one time with the event out of range for it to be unhidden. In other words, don’t try to hide a monthly event that’s set to show all month long or a yearly event that’s set to show all year long because hiding this event will hide it forever.

If you’re adventurous, you can try editing your dates file directly in a text editor. When viewing your events in a text editor, you can recognize events which are set to hidden status by the asterisk * character tacked on the end. You can manually remove this asterisk to “unhide” an entry.