The dates.txt File

MiniMinder always looks for a file named “dates.txt” residing in the same folder as the program file. If you move, rename or delete this file, MiniMinder will create a new dates.txt file, starting from scratch.

Updating to new versions of the MiniMinder will not effect your existing reminders.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can skip the Events Editor and edit your dates file directly in Notepad. If you look at a few entries, you’ll see the format is easy enough to mimic, but you must adhere strictly to the format MiniMinder expects. Thankfully, if you botch one entry, it will simply be skipped and it won’t affect the others.

IMPORTANT: Every time the program is run, MiniMinder adjusts on the spot to your current regional date settings, whatever those settings may be. To maintain a consistent format when saving your reminders, however, MiniMinder always saves your reminders using a month / day format. It’s important to note then, that even though MiniMinder is well aware of your regional settings when the program is run, when you edit your dates.txt file directly, always use a format of mm.dd.